Some behind the scenes work was done to make exporting block nodes from the editor safer and working with the source code easier.

These are the changes:

  • De-capitalise image formats 'Jpg' => 'jpg'
  • Quotable image uses the data-thumb-* attribute to store the thumbnail, this is the convention we use for all thumbnails in the editor.
  • BlockNodes will only accept a SimpleImage as a thumbnail, POJOs are not supported anymore
  • Thumbnail fallback is controlled outside of the BlockNodes.
  • A helper was introduced (blockNodeFromInsetId) to make embed nodes from unsafe linksupport structures in the editor.
  • Thumbnails on optional thumbnail embeds won’t render thumbnail: null anymore.
  • Alignment, thumbnail and Header icon exports are standardised.
  • A bug causing iframes to randomly not be sandboxed when they had a thumbnail was fixed.


Since this is an essential part on how we save a post it’s covered with unit tests, but these changes still have the potential to break something, especially in these nodes:FullBleedWidget, Header, Quotable, Image, Iframe, ReviewBox, Slideshow, Quotable despite our best effort not to break anything.