No more reload needed to get the latest notifications on a kinja site, because of the notification polling feature which automatically gets you the latest happenings on your kinja network. Moreover you'll get native notifications from the comments addressed to you almost realtime, on a platform which support it.

The notification_polling feature flag will fetch the count of the notifications every minute, so you won't miss anything important while browsing kinja.

The notifications_native feature flag works with the polling feature, and shows you the new comment notifications wherever you are on your desktop. All you have to do is to give the Notification API your permission. Kinja will ask your permission when you open the notification dropdown for the first time since the feature has been turned on, or when you receive your first reply notification.


Known issues

To access the Notification API for kinja is domain based, therefore enabling it on won't show notifications if you're on, also it only works if you always keep a kinja site open on a tab.


Future development

Because of the frequent polling this feature is not production ready. I'd like to get rid of the polling and create a socket based solution, but that will require server side assistance and a green light from product.


Currently kinja will show only reply notifications, because these notifications - by design - can be really obstructive, and we only want to use it for notifying the user from an event which requires immediate action.