One takeaway from the Keynote: Complexity is Outside the Code — by Dan North and Jessica Kerr.

Imagine the product you’d like to ship is as hot air balloon. You and your team is constantly putting stuff in it and expecting it to fly fast and fly high. But it’s not what usually happens.

What monsters slowed your development today? What cryptic error message you had to reverse engineer? What rocks did you find in the balloon? The idea is if you spot the rocks slowing down the balloon you don’t have to fix it right away. It’s not only your responsibility to come up with a solution and implement it. Your responsibility is to tell the team that the rock is there and let it’s collective mind come up with the best solution to get rid of it.

I really like this idea. Our team in Kinja is already half way to incorporate the same idea. Whoever in our team spots the tangled, crazy, WTF code tells the others, and WE come up with a solution how to throw the rock out of our balloon.


The thing we’re not doing but we should is to ask ourself what awesome tools helped our work today and tell everyone in our team, help each other improving OUR development workflow.

We also should be more consistent answering the question what slowed us down today and what solution we come up with.


Don’t let the ballon loose it’s speed!